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1Why would I need AlignTec's WiFi Care service?

Good question!

Let’s start with the understanding that internet service providers like AlignTec are essentially no different from, say, your electrical power or water providers in that they provide a service to your home, but how you maintain and use that service within your home is entirely up to you… the customer.

The internet is still relatively new and an assumption has evolved that associates internet service with everything that involves internet usage in the home, which is entirely untrue. Think of it in terms of who you would call if you had a problem with your toaster or water faucet… certainly not the company that provides electric or water service. However, with the ever-increasing variety of home WiFi devices on the market, and the problems they can create, we recognized the need for a way to educate customers about connectivity within the home and improve the overall experience of their internet usage.

To answer that need, we created the WiFi Care service. This is an optional service that can be added to your account at any time, but every customer has the option to provide their own WiFi router and oversee the technical aspects of their home network.

If you’d like more information, just ask one of our agents.

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