Outages; Tuesday 4/30/19
April 30, 2019

Outages; Wednesday 11/20/19

This was a doozie, as outages go. At approximately 10:15am we lost contact with all systems originating at Smelter Mountain, where we broadcast to several different wireless internet service points around the area. At first, we thought it was an electrical outage and so did some of the other carriers up there, and LPEA dispatched a crew. However what the crew found was a severed aerial fiber optic line that crossed the road near the entrance to Lake Nighthorse and the line was laying on the ground. FastTrack, the local fiber optic provider, immediately contacted the fiber construction company who then dispatched a team from Aztec. The team arrived on site at around 12:30pm and repair work began. Work continued into the night and was delayed by the dark and the weather, but was able to complete work and all systems came back online at around 8:45pm last night.

Outage nature: fiber optic cut

Cause of outage: A construction crew doing repairs on guardrails near the lake entrance drove one of their boom trucks, with the boom extended, drove under the fiber optic line and ripped it down.

Nature of repair: Since it wasn’t a clean cut, and entire section of the fiber optic had to be replaced. Once replaced, the new fiber was spliced into the existing lines.

Duration of outage: Approximately 10.5 hours, from 10:15am to 8:45pm

Areas affected:

All services in the following areas:

Downtown Durango, north
Turtle Lake/Hidden Valley area
Hesperus/La Plata Canyon area
Trapper’s Crossing/Shenandoah/Rafter J areas
South Hwy 550 corridor, from Farmington Hill all the way down to Colorado/New Mexico boarder

Our thanks go out to the fiber crew that worked into a dark, wet and cold night to get things back up and running. And especially, thanks to our customers for their patience and understanding while repairs were under way.

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